Cat Grooming

Do you have a cat that has matted fur?  If so, your first inclination may be to pick up the scissors and cut that matted fur out.  The problem is that most of the time the mats sit right on top of your cat’s skin, which is very thin.  If your scissors nick your cat’s skin, a gaping hole may be left behind.  If you bring your cat to our friendly and professional staff at Hairy Paws Day Center, we can help get your cat looking fabulous once again with our cat grooming services.  If your cat is severely matted, we will more than likely have to shave your cat.  However, our goal is to make sure that your kitty never gets to this point!


Cats normally bathe themselves, but occasions do arise when it becomes necessary for bathing to become a part of your cat grooming routine.  Most felines do not enjoy the water and it is difficult to bathe them.  But, our cat groomers know some tricks of the trade that allow a bath to be a bit more tolerable for your cat.  Such tricks as:

  • We will trim your cat’s nails prior to putting him in the water.
  • We will bathe your kitty quickly because they do not tolerate a slow, leisurely bath.
  • We do not get water in your cat’s face.
Cats with long hair should be groomed more often

Cats with long hair should be groomed more often


The overall cost for animal grooming is based on the size and condition of your pet. Prices include:
• Bathing
• Brushing
• Drying
• Nail Trimming
• Expressing Anal Glands
• Ear Cleaning
• Cutting Hair
Specialized Baths & Tooth Brushing Available at an Additional Cost

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