Dog Training
Dog Training
Dog training can be quite a challenge, especially if you are a first-time dog owner.  At Hairy Paws Day Center in Saginaw, Michigan, we can help.  We make obedience training for you and your dogs a breeze!

Loyal Companion

Our obedience training courses will help guide your dog into becoming your loyal companion that you can take everywhere!  Gone are the days that you worry about your dog’s behavior.  Enjoy every aspect of life with your faithful mate by your side!

We offer regular obedience classes

We offer regular obedience classes

No Longer Impossible

For most owners, dog training on your own seems quite impossible.  No matter the amount of time and effort you dedicate to training, you end up feeling quite defeated.  That is why we provide our seasonal obedience training lessons.  Not only will these lessons help build a bond between you and your pooch, but they are also ideal for teaching your beloved pet:

  • Tricks
  • Commands
  • Proper Behavior

Dogs on Leashes – Obedience Training

We offer our six-week lessons approximately four times each year – in the spring, fall and winter (but not the holidays).  For $80, you and your four-legged buddy will learn basic commands, such as: • Heel • Sit • Stay • Come

You will also learn to correct bad behaviors like stealing food from the counter and jumping on visitors.  You will also gain some valuable information on nutrition, money-saving vet visits and so much more!


The overall cost for animal grooming is based on the size and condition of your pet. Prices include:
• Bathing
• Brushing
• Drying
• Nail Trimming
• Expressing Anal Glands
• Ear Cleaning
• Cutting Hair
Specialized Baths & Tooth Brushing Available at an Additional Cost

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