Pet Grooming

Pet grooming at Hairy Paws Day Center do not just include grooming your dog or cat.  We also provide pet grooming services for your rabbit and guinea pig.  So give us a call today to find out how we can make your pet look and feel better!

Guinea Pig Grooming

Guinea pigs don’t need a bath as regularly as your dog would.  Unless he gets really dirty, you won’t need to bathe him more than once every three months.  As long as you keep his cage clean, he will stay clean.  As for brushing, this is very essential to his health and your ability to bond with him.  One last thing to consider is maintaining your guinea pig’s teeth and nails.  In the wild, they maintain their teeth and nails unconsciously and naturally.  Since they are living with you, this is something that cannot happen.  Therefore, we can help you provide this service for your beloved pet.

We can groom all of your pets

We can groom all of your pets

Pet Grooming for Your Rabbit

As I’m sure you already know, if your bunny is well-groomed, he will be much happier and healthier!  Grooming your rabbit includes:

  • Brushing the fur
  • Fur trimming as needed
  • Removal of mats
  • Debris removed from fur

Not only will we make sure that we complete these items, but we will also clean the eye area, ears, the bottom side of your rabbit and trim the nails.  We will also check for the presence of parasites.


The overall cost for animal grooming is based on the size and condition of your pet. Prices include:
• Bathing
• Brushing
• Drying
• Nail Trimming
• Expressing Anal Glands
• Ear Cleaning
• Cutting Hair
Specialized Baths & Tooth Brushing Available at an Additional Cost

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